He coul barely walk when Vincent started horse riding and at the age of 14 he was already training his first horse

A passian that has grown over the years and a know-how developed with the famous master Jean-Yves Bonnet

This yound student, completely self-taught in the art of dressage. sets off on an adventure after spending a year in Chantilly "the most beautiful stables in the world" - Vincent starts a career in the world of Shows

Since 2001 Vincent has been performing in national horse exhibition in Paris, Avignon, Lyon, Montpellier and more...

He also participated in "Appassionata" one of the largest equestrian galas in Europe and perfomred in seveal movies including "FanFan la Tulipe" and "RRRrrrr" from the well know french movie director and actor Alain Chabat


He builds his artistic experience next to choreographers, directors and professionals of the equestrian performance


In 2007, he was trusted to replace Mr. Lucien Gruss at the gala Equisud in Montpellier on short notice and without repetition. A real challenge he achieved successfully

Victim of his success a few months later, alongside Lucien Gruss he was asked to participate to the Gala of the lounge of the horse of Albi

In June 2008, the racing company France Galop solicited Vincent for a show on the Race course of Chantilly for the “Prix de Diane” – for this performance he presented 30 horses and 45 riders for a an hour show in front of 25,000 people


Since 2009 Vincent is the organizer of the "Feria of the horse of Méjanes" in the estate "Paul Ricard" producting many shows with more than 80 horses.

Equestrian advisor for the organization of event and filming in his estate of St Remy de Provence or any where else.


Today Vincent Liberator is a recognized horse show professional, who continues with passion to share his love of horses accross Europe